IES and Eskilstuna Municipality Improve Fröslunda

IES and Eskilstuna Municipality Improve Fröslunda

IES and Eskilstuna Municipality will work together to make Fröslunda more attractive and increase levels of satisfaction and security.

IES has run a school in Fröslunda since 2006 and has now decided to expand the school to take on increased responsibility for the area while providing compulsory school students from preschool class up to grade nine with a safe school that focuses on providing all students, regardless of background, with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

When the extended school opens its doors in Autumn 2022, it will be divided into three age-groups. Primary years (lågstadiet), middle school (mellanstadiet) and senior school (högstadiet). In this way, a secure environment will be created for all students, while also providing fantastic new facilities designed to suit each year-group.

Jimmy Jansson (S), chairman of the Eskilstuna Municipal Council (pictured above,right, with Damian Brunker, incoming principal of IES Eskilstuna) said: “The fact that Internationella Engelska Skolan has chosen to invest in Fröslunda and Eskilstuna feels like an important key for us as a municipality. This has been an opportunity that we in the majority have wanted to pursue for a few years and it feels unbelievably good that it has now been realised. IES is important for Eskilstuna but also for Fröslunda's continued development.”

The newly expanded school will take in around 1,200 students, including after-school care. The current senior school buildings will be renovated and rebuilt. A newly-built gym and a school yard that promotes activity for all ages will also be added.

Jörgen Stenquist, vice CEO of the Internationella Engelska Skolan said: “We are very proud to work with the municipality in taking on this responsibility. Our goal is that the improvement of Fröslunda and our school will help the whole community, creating greater integration by giving students from all over Eskilstuna access to a high-quality school with an international character. It will be a fantastic school building that provides an improved study and work environment.”

The focus on the school is part of a wider effort to strengthen Fröslunda, which the municipality is now driving.