Mid term

From the Principal

We are now into the final 7 weeks of the term before the winter holiday and it was absolutely wonderful to see the engagement in the learning when I was out visiting lessons during the week. We are now at the end of an intensive week of Student Choice were all students work with different levels and sorts of subjects. In the begining of the week I was at a year 7 Swedish lesson where they were intensely reading and reflecting on how you “argue in an oral speech”. I also visited a year 8 Sewing lesson where they were analyzing the different projects which they had created. At the year 7 math lessons, there was a introduction in Seesaw Metric Project. It was terrific to see the students all working at different levels within the same classroom. Year 4 English were working with their workbooks and it was impressive how far they have come with their language skills. The same with year 5. I can absolutely say that the working environment was calm, focused and engaged! Well done everyone!