Welcome Assistant Principals

From the Principal

After a whole year without an Assistant Principal at Senior school, we are now very happy to announce that as of today, Monday October 17, two new Assistant Principals will begin their duties at Senior school.

These two persons have both been working at IES Eskilstuna for quite some years already at Junior school and know the school, our Ethos and the students very well.

Ms. Truedsson - former Teacher and Head of Year 5, will be responsible for the Academic part.

Ms. Önnebro - former Teacher, Head of Year 4 and also substituting as Academic Manager grade 1-5 during 2016, will be responsible for the Pastoral part.

As the new Principal I am very happy to get two strong wellknown Assistant Principals to support me, the staff and students at IES Eskilstuna.

I welcome them both!

Mr. Haag