Welcome to IES Eskilstuna

Welcome to IES Eskilstuna

IES Eskilstuna taking strides forward with our new staff. 

Induction is so important to IES Eskilstuna, here’s what they thought of it… 


-  A great beginning to build a loving, well informed and happy team with a common aim to build strong future leaders. 

- Great way to start of my work at IES. Informative, clear, exciting and interesting. Here we go! 

- I feel very well taken care of. The induction has been a warm welcome into one big family. Thank you. 

- Informative, inspiring, passionate. 

- What a fantastic induction week. IES gave the most important tools that a new teacher needs. Thank you 

- The induction was very good. I learned a lot, which makes me comfortable. Thank you 

- So glad to be joining the family. A huge thank you.


Welcome to IES   

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