What an exciting month, the month of November that is now coming to an end. Two amazing Open House!

From the Principal

The 5th November we had the pleasure to receive 750 visitors at Senior School and on the 19th November 800 visitors at Primary/Junior School.

The guests took part of our education, exhibit of students' work, information from our Student Guidance Councillor. Our Health Team were present and gave information on how the student health care works. Even the Student Council and our anti-bullying team gave information to our guests. We also had the opportunity to listen to our amazingly talented students singing and playing instruments. Students from Year Nine offered their fantastic baking goods to the delights of our guests.

Two evenings that showed how much we have to be proud of.

Now we are in the middle of the oral National Tests for Year 6 and 9. The month of December is awaiting with one last effort from students and teachers. After this we have Lucia to brighten us up!