A wonderful academic year is coming to an end

From the Principal

The 2012/2013 Academic Year for Internationella Engelska Skolan in Eskilstuna is drawing to a close. Students and colleagues are looking forward to a well earned summer break. The grade 9 students have finished their national tests with excellent results and the IGCSE examinations are still under way. Final grading is getting closer and we are eagerly anticipating the end results. 

Focus days to give students the opportunity to complete the last pieces of work are taking place. We are also looking forward to our Science Fair were visitors and staff will participate in a fantastic exhibition. While we are completing our wonderful Academic Year we are also planning our expansion and are so glad that many have chose to join our Primary School. 

It is with joy and pride that we look back on this year and we are busy planning a fantastic graduation, something we really look forward to. What a fantastic feeling it will be to both see and hear Felicia Olsson, our former student and participant in Melodifestival 2013. A warm welcome to both parents and guests.

I would like to thank our parents, guardians, colleagues, students and all concerned who have contributed to this fantastic year and I wish you all a truly beautiful summer.

Students start again on the 19th of August 2013. Detailed information about this will be sent out in the beginning of August.

Mrs. Segerstedt,