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Grade 8 students to participate in Nordic Math Competition!

All IES Eskilstuna students in Year 8 will be participating in the Sigma8 Maths competition on Tuesday November 15th.

Sigma8 is an international Maths competition were classes compete against other classes throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Working together as a class, students will have one hour to solve a series of mathematical problems in two qualifying rounds. (The second round will take place in January). After the qualification round, students may have a chance to compete in regional, then national finals. The National winners will then compete against students from the other National Finals in one of the four capital cities involved.

More information about the competition can be found at

We wish our students the best of luck!


Student Work

Work in Social Science Grade 6

Our talented students in Year 6 have been working on a team project about democracy in Social Science, with questions such as why we have democracy in Sweden, what political parties we have and how elections are carried out. The students have created their own parties, made up their own political party names, symbol and a election manifesto. The project ended with each class having debates, presentations of parties and also got a chance to vote in their own elections.

From the Principal

Welcome back to school!

Kära vårdnadshavare och elever,

Det är äntligen dags för ett nytt läsår på Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna och jag hoppas att alla har haft en fantastisk sommar! 

Första skoldagen är MÅNDAGEN DEN 21 AUGUSTI 2017

Vi hälsar vår nya Biträdande Rektor, Mr. Stevens, varmt välkommen! Mr. Stevens kommer att ha ansvaret för det pastorala/disciplinära elevvårdsarbetet på senior school, åk 6-9. Mr. Stevens är en välmeriterad rektor som senast kommer från en internationell skola i Dubai.

Vi hälsar även Mrs. Zentio varmt välkommen till sin nya position som Academic Manager på primary/junior school, åk 1-5. Mrs. Zentio har sedan uppstarten av primary school varit Head of Year för just åk 1-3. Mrs. Zentio har stor erfarenhet av IES och kommer tillsammans med Ms. Nilsson vara ett stort stöd i ledningen av Primary / Junior School.

Varmt välkommen till ett nytt fanstastiskt år på Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna, läsåret 17/18!

Dear guardians and students,

Finally a new school year is around the corner and I hope all have had a restful and wonderful summer!  

First school day is on MONDAY AUGUST 21 2017 

A warm welcome to our new Assistant Principal, Mr. Stevens, who is in charge of the pastoral/disciplinary student care work at senior school, grade 6-9. Mr. Stevens is a Principal who recently came from an international school in Dubai.

We also welcome Mrs. Zentio to her new position as Academic Manager at primary/junior school, grade 1-5. Mrs. Zentio has been the Head of Year for Primary School many years and has extensive experience of IES and together with Ms. Nilsson will be a great support in the management of Primary / Junior School. 

A warm welcome to a new and fantastic year at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna, the school year of 17/18!

Mr. Haag



The 26th of September is known as International Language Day where countries around the world celebrate the diverse languages that they speak.

Here at IES Eskilstuna we decided to celebrate the languages that we teach throughout the entire week. During week 38 our classes made decorations which were displayed in our classrooms, hallways and dining hall. We also organized a swedish “tipspromenad”, dance lessons, football and basketball tournaments. In addition to these activities international music was played in the school yard, there was an outside “mellis” and international cuisine in the dining hall.

It was a wonderful week which started with the modern language teachers dressed up as famous people from the culture/language that they teach.

Everybody at our school was invited!