After School Clubs

Primary Club

Primary Club is a new addition here in Eskilstuna along with Primary School, this is our before and after school care for students in grade 1-3. It’s a safe, pedagogical environment which has been adjusted to suit the specific age groups;

  • Crafts corner - for all kinds of glueing, knitting and handcrafting
  • Painting studio - watercolours, pens & paper as well as plaster
  • Study/Reading corner
  • Dress-up closet
  • Games/Building areas

Lots of different stimulating activities are organized in both larger and smaller groups, inside as well as outside.

Junior Club

Junior Club is a safe and secure place for students in grade 4-5 to be from the end of the school day until 5pm. We also offer Junior Club from 7.30am until school starts in the morning.

Activities within the school premises will be arranged by qualified and experienced staff. These may include quiet time for studies, reading and other activities both free and organised.
Besides the two large rooms in Junior Club we also make use of the gym hall as well as the school yard for various activities. Junior Club students can participate in pottering, pool, reading club, movie time, playing Wii games or outdoor activities like basketball and football.

Student Lounge

Student lounge is an area where our students can relax or be stimulated between and after classes. Students are welcome anytime between 8am until 4.30pm.

Student lounge has a large hall, several smaller rooms dedicated for different activities. The school yard is also used for outdoor activities like football and basketball. In our cafeteria the students can buy fresh baguettes, beverages and various other snacks. There is always staff present to make sure the Student lounge is an area for students to feel safe in and to have fun in. The range of games and activities is wide.

Some of the most popular activities are:
Play pool, table tennis or table soccer, watch TV or play Wii. There are also videos suited for the students' ages.