Life at IES Eskilstuna

At IES in Eskilstuna we see the student as a whole, each with individual needs and individual ways of learning - our aim is to meet all of these needs and to make sure every student is stimulated and engaged in their learning to give all the best possible foundation for their future. We always strive for a zero-failure goal with all graduating 9th grade students.

Each student has a mentor who follows their progress both academically and socially to give them support when and where needed. Written assessments are given continuously throughout the year to monitor development and from year 6 grades are given in accordance with Swedish School Law. “Surgeries” are held by teachers after school hours so that the students have a possibility to receive extra support with their homework or other school work - a resource that is valuable both for those who need help and those who simply need to challenge themselves.

Support from Special educators, School nurses and Counselor is of course always available as well. Parents and students (from grade 3) all have their own username to our web based school system where you can follow attendance, results, lesson plans, homework, news from the school and everything school related.

Our teachers are recruited from all corners of the world, within Sweden and internationally, to find the most competent and best-equipped pedagogues for each subject. As up to 50% of our subjects are taught in English from year 5 we seek to provide native-speaking English teachers - these subjects are focused on Mathematics, Science, Aesthetics and of course English. One of our organizational policies is to have all graduating grade 9 students fully bilingual. To achieve this we gradually introduce English-speaking pedagogues already from grade 1.
The international compilation of staff helps to give the students a cultural width and perspective.

Besides from all of this a life at IES in Eskilstuna also entails;

  • A fully equipped Library - constantly developing according to popular demand
  • A diverse and inviting schoolyard for all ages
  • Student Lounge at SR school - a place for students to socialize, play pool, foosball or board games, find support in between classes
  • IES Rainbow Club - before and after school care for grades 1-5 open 06:00-18:00
  • School Choir for both JR and SR students

Other after school activities are started and organised on a voluntary basis by our great teachers! Often the activities are an extension of a teacher's interest or something that has been asked for from a lot of students. Activities that have been offered are, for example, cheerleading, chess club and American football.

To commemorate each school year we end it with a formal prom for the graduating grade 9s and an exceptional End of Year Ceremony - to celebrate the year that has passed and to send the graduating classes off with good wishes for a bright future!