Student Work

Work in Social Science Grade 6

Our talented students in Year 6 have been working on a team project about democracy in Social Science, with questions such as why we have democracy in Sweden, what political parties we have and how elections are carried out. The students have created their own parties, made up their own political party names, symbol and a election manifesto. The project ended with each class having debates, presentations of parties and also got a chance to vote in their own elections.

Year Group 6, Author portrait project in Swedish

The students have worked during the semester with an author portrait project in which they have chosen a writer, Swedish or foreign who write for children, youth or adults. They have collected information and compiled it in the form of posters.

English speaking countries - grade 6 work

Grade 6 English project. Students researched countries that had English as a main or official spoken language. They created a visual component, such as a power point, book, or poster and paired this with an oral presentation to share their research with the class.