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Junk Hunt, IES Eskilstuna Primary/Junior School

During Weeks 19 and 20, teachers were asked to choose a lesson or break to pick up trash around the schoolyard or close neighbourhood with their mentor class. It was lovely to see everyone out with their classes helping to tidy up our neighbourhood. We also encouraged our students to reflect, and come up with creative tips for reducing litter (trash on the ground). Thank you so much for your participation!

We will now take part in a larger national contest by "Håll Sverige Rent" ("Keep Sweden Tidy") where the trash will be counted and also sorted.

Winter Sports Day, January 26th, 2018


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Winter Sports Day, a day the IES students and staff enjoyed the many activities organised by IES Eskilstuna. Enjoy this short video recap of some of those activities: basketball, ice hockey, football, dancing, floor ball, and many others but most importantly enjoy the happy faces, friendships, and joy all captured in this video.

Felicia Olsson in Melodifestivalen 2018

We would like to raise awareness for one of our amazing employees, Ms.Olsson, as she is called in school, one of our amazing teachers in grade 4. In her free time she has an interest that many share with her, namely music and song. This interest has now taken her to Sweden's biggest music scene, the Melodifestivalen! At the age of 18, she performed the song "Make Me No.1" in the song festival which is the lead up to the Eurovision song competition. This spring Felicia Olsson will appear with "Break that Chain" in Örnsköldsvik. We want to warmly congratulate "our" Ms. Olsson and will support her all the way!

See her video presentation here!

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France 2018 - Eskilstuna-Vannes cultural exchange!

Once again students at IES Eskilstuna will be participating in a cultural exchange with students from Lycee Le Sage in Vannes, France. This coming April, about 20 students from France will visit Eskilstuna and Stockholm to learn about the Swedish way of life and culture. They will also have the opportunity to improve their English language skills in conversation with our IES students. In May about 20 IES students from grade 8 and grade 9 will be travelling to France where they will visit the Bretagne region as well as Paris over 9-10 days.

Our students will learn about French culture and of course develop their French speaking skills. We wish all the students the best for this wonderful opportunity to share their culture with other students.

For more information, contact daniel.breton.eskilstuna@engelska.se


IES Eskilstuna's teachers were dressed up in Halloween costumes on Friday, before the autumn break. Here is a creepy picture from Jr School! The students did also wear Halloween costumes this day and it was mostly appreciated!

Skoljoggen 2017 Pr/Jr School

On Friday September 15th  2017, IES Eskilstuna students in Primary School (grade 1-3) and Junior School (grade 4 and 5) were participating in the annual event Skoljoggen, an incentive by Svenska Skolidrottsförbundet to promote exercise and raise awareness/funds for a very worthy charity, SOS Barnbyar (for more information or to make a donation please visit http://www.sos-barnbyar.se). Our students could choose whether to run, jog or walk. Primary School had their activity in Kronskogen and the students at Junior School were in Vilsta, running the 2.5 km track. We were very lucky about the nice weather and all students were eager to do their best! Well done!



Skoljoggen 2017 Sr School

Year groups 6, 7, 8 and 9 from Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna participated with great enthusiasm in Skoljoggen on September 13th in Vilsta. Students could choose to run, jog or walk a distance of 5 km.

The school jog is organized by the Skolidrottsförbundet and is carried out once a year. We are proud of the great fighting spirit that our students showed! Great work!

Science fair 2017

On May 18th, IES Eskilstunas annual Science fair took place, focusing on working according to the scientific method. All students in grades 4-5 had worked hard for several weeks with their projects.

In year 4, the theme was to invent something that could give man a lighter weekday and in year 5 the theme was to use physical principles such as the inclined plane and leverage principle to build a Rube-Goldberg machine.

During the day of May 18th, all classes had different activities connected to the physics and engineering subjects and they were also given the opportunity to visit other classes to see their work. Each class had appointed two projects to exhibit their work in the gym hall, which then competed against each other in the struggle to win the big gold trophy.

The day ended with all guardians being invited to look at all the nice projects and the award ceremony in the gym hall.