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From the Principal

Welcome back to school!

Kära vårdnadshavare och elever,

Det är äntligen dags för ett nytt läsår på Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna och jag hoppas att alla har haft en fantastisk sommar! 

Första skoldagen är MÅNDAGEN DEN 21 AUGUSTI 2017

Vi hälsar vår nya Biträdande Rektor, Mr. Stevens, varmt välkommen! Mr. Stevens kommer att ha ansvaret för det pastorala/disciplinära elevvårdsarbetet på senior school, åk 6-9. Mr. Stevens är en välmeriterad rektor som senast kommer från en internationell skola i Dubai.

Vi hälsar även Mrs. Zentio varmt välkommen till sin nya position som Academic Manager på primary/junior school, åk 1-5. Mrs. Zentio har sedan uppstarten av primary school varit Head of Year för just åk 1-3. Mrs. Zentio har stor erfarenhet av IES och kommer tillsammans med Ms. Nilsson vara ett stort stöd i ledningen av Primary / Junior School.

Varmt välkommen till ett nytt fanstastiskt år på Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna, läsåret 17/18!

Dear guardians and students,

Finally a new school year is around the corner and I hope all have had a restful and wonderful summer!  

First school day is on MONDAY AUGUST 21 2017 

A warm welcome to our new Assistant Principal, Mr. Stevens, who is in charge of the pastoral/disciplinary student care work at senior school, grade 6-9. Mr. Stevens is a Principal who recently came from an international school in Dubai.

We also welcome Mrs. Zentio to her new position as Academic Manager at primary/junior school, grade 1-5. Mrs. Zentio has been the Head of Year for Primary School many years and has extensive experience of IES and together with Ms. Nilsson will be a great support in the management of Primary / Junior School. 

A warm welcome to a new and fantastic year at Internationella Engelska Skolan i Eskilstuna, the school year of 17/18!

Mr. Haag

From the Principal

The term is coming to and end and the school is full of amazing activities

The students in Year 9 are in the middle of finishing their National Tests. Our IGCSE students are also busy with their exams.

We are now looking forward to Science Fair at Junior School the 14th May, where we will get an insight in the amazingly scientific work by our students. The students at Primary School are outside thanks to the Nature School. This is very much appreciated!

During weeks 20 and 21 a few students attend Camp Confidence, an annual occurrence in our organisation and a very valued element this time of year. 

On May 23rd all students from future Grade 4 will meet at school and enjoy some nice activities. The 30th May the same will occur for the future Grade 1 students.

Students from the Senior School will be travelling to Gävle on May 26 to attend the annual Modern Language Song Contest. May 28 is the date of the Prom. A fantastic night for both students and staff.

We are also currently intensively planning our Graduation and the celebration of our 10th anniversary.

Now enjoy the budding blooming that gives us a glimpse of a wonderful Summer.

Mrs Segerstedt


From the Principal

What an exciting month, the month of November that is now coming to an end. Two amazing Open House!

The 5th November we had the pleasure to receive 750 visitors at Senior School and on the 19th November 800 visitors at Primary/Junior School.

The guests took part of our education, exhibit of students' work, information from our Student Guidance Councillor. Our Health Team were present and gave information on how the student health care works. Even the Student Council and our anti-bullying team gave information to our guests. We also had the opportunity to listen to our amazingly talented students singing and playing instruments. Students from Year Nine offered their fantastic baking goods to the delights of our guests.

Two evenings that showed how much we have to be proud of.

Now we are in the middle of the oral National Tests for Year 6 and 9. The month of December is awaiting with one last effort from students and teachers. After this we have Lucia to brighten us up!

From the Principal

I wish you a warm welcome to the new 2015-2016 school year!

It is with pleasure that I now receive back all of our 1330 students after their well-deserved summer vacation.

It is also with pleasure that I welcome all students and staff to a school known for achieving top results and having a solid structure, built on policies and procedures which promote learning and socializing. We are happy to continue working with strong academic and social values this year.

Additionally, I am proud to announce that during this academic year eleven teacher mentors will be working with exciting specialized projects, including working with development in language, mathematics at all stages, science, modern languages, assessment and grading, mentoring, and extracurricular time in school.

Welcome to an exciting new school year ahead,

Mrs. Segerstedt, Principal

From the Principal

Now spring has truly arrived

Now spring has truly arrived, with greenery and spring flowers around us and the sun shining from a clear blue sky. This really gives us a taste of summer, the upcoming summer holidays and graduation.

I hope you all can use spring’s energy to cope with the last part of the term. We have a busy period ahead of us, both academically and in other areas.

Students in grade nine are now in top gear to improve their results. National tests in Mathematics are awaiting as well as National Tests in Social Science. The exam period for our IGCSE students has also begun. At the end of term, all students can also look forward to three full days of student's choice.

The Modern Language Eurovision Song Contest will take place in late April.Students are also preparing to stage a musical that will be performed at Lokomotivet on May 22nd called, “We are the world". And the choir is busy practicing for our End of Year Ceremony.

Yes, we really wish everyone good luck!

I wish you all a wonderful spring.

Mrs. Segerstedt

From the Principal

Inspection by Arbetsmiljöverket

On February 25, IES Eskilstuna had a visit from Arbetsmiljöverket for three hours. This was to go through the structures and procedures regarding our systematic quality work.

To our delight, we can announce that the inspection had nothing to complain about.

Get more general inormation about the inspections made by Arbetsmiljöverket at this link;

Mrs. Segerstedt

From the Principal

Soon the winter break is upon us

Soon the winter break is upon us. Four weeks have now passed since the Christmas break. A beautiful blanket of snow has settled over the frozen ground. Students at Primary/Junior School love to be outdoors in the snow. The older students at Senior School are not as fond of the cold, preferring indoor activities.

Year three, six and nine are in full swing to prepare for their national exams. Grade six have already started with the Swedish exams.

It's a busy time for the grade nine students. High school applications are to be made and students are working hard to secure a place in the high school of their choice.

Amidst all this there is also time for other activities such as sports days, talent show, “Schackfyran” (grade four chess competition), theater, spirit week and love/friendship week.

Encouraging good values ​​is extremely important and we add extra time for them during week seven.

Now we hope that the sun will soon be warmer so that we get a glimpse of spring. Until then, I wish you all the best.

From the Principal

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The cold bites the skin and the darkness lies heavily on Eskilstuna, but it feels good to look back on an amazing fall semester that has been filled with efforts from both students and staff. Teachers and students worked hard until the very end when grades were sent out. The end result has been something that everyone can feel proud of.

We ended the semester with a ceremony in Pingvinen, Parken Zoo and were able to experience several superb performances by our talented students and were also pleasantly surprised when some of the staff performed.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!


From the Principal

Despite the autumn darkness no one has been able to miss all the activities taking place within the school

With happiness and pride we can look back on the first part of the autumn term where the students have taken part in activities that have contributed to their development both socially and academically.

Here are some of the recent activities that students have enjoyed:

“Good Deed” at Jr School. Good deeds have been the catchwords for the students--something that has been very appreciated.

Classes 1-5 have had the opportunity to get to know and visit our fantastic library at the Senior school

Study visit at KomTek and the town museum in Eskilstuna to learn about technology and Eskilstuna´s history as an industrial city.

We had a visit from the author Monica Zak, and the grade 7´s have participated in an event to increase their awareness of questions regarding their own safety and that of others. The event was hosted by the municipal, the Fire department, the police and other supporters. We are also paying attention to the fight against breast cancer, and celebrating UN day to raise awareness of the invisible people around the world who live in bad conditions.

Our school will also celebrate Halloween and, as every year, there will probably be some surprises involved.

Thursday week 45, the 6th of November, we have Open house for the grades 6 to 9. The invitation will soon be published.

Our student committees have chosen their president and have also chosen committees that will be dedicated to different parts of the school environment.

Week 45 the free school gymnasiums will have an exhibition in our Gym hall.

The list could go on.

We currently work with value questions, something that will always permeate our education.

In November and December we can look forward to the culture week at Primary and Junior school, Open House, Talent show, the Christmas bazar, Lucia, Student choice and much more. But before then we will have a well deserved autumn break for our teachers and students where they can relax and rest after an eventful start of the year.


Mrs. Segerstedt,