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From the Principal

Inspection by Arbetsmiljöverket

On February 25, IES Eskilstuna had a visit from Arbetsmiljöverket for three hours. This was to go through the structures and procedures regarding our systematic quality work.

To our delight, we can announce that the inspection had nothing to complain about.

Get more general inormation about the inspections made by Arbetsmiljöverket at this link;

Mrs. Segerstedt

From the Principal

Soon the winter break is upon us

Soon the winter break is upon us. Four weeks have now passed since the Christmas break. A beautiful blanket of snow has settled over the frozen ground. Students at Primary/Junior School love to be outdoors in the snow. The older students at Senior School are not as fond of the cold, preferring indoor activities.

Year three, six and nine are in full swing to prepare for their national exams. Grade six have already started with the Swedish exams.

It's a busy time for the grade nine students. High school applications are to be made and students are working hard to secure a place in the high school of their choice.

Amidst all this there is also time for other activities such as sports days, talent show, “Schackfyran” (grade four chess competition), theater, spirit week and love/friendship week.

Encouraging good values ​​is extremely important and we add extra time for them during week seven.

Now we hope that the sun will soon be warmer so that we get a glimpse of spring. Until then, I wish you all the best.

From the Principal

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

The cold bites the skin and the darkness lies heavily on Eskilstuna, but it feels good to look back on an amazing fall semester that has been filled with efforts from both students and staff. Teachers and students worked hard until the very end when grades were sent out. The end result has been something that everyone can feel proud of.

We ended the semester with a ceremony in Pingvinen, Parken Zoo and were able to experience several superb performances by our talented students and were also pleasantly surprised when some of the staff performed.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!


From the Principal

Despite the autumn darkness no one has been able to miss all the activities taking place within the school

With happiness and pride we can look back on the first part of the autumn term where the students have taken part in activities that have contributed to their development both socially and academically.

Here are some of the recent activities that students have enjoyed:

“Good Deed” at Jr School. Good deeds have been the catchwords for the students--something that has been very appreciated.

Classes 1-5 have had the opportunity to get to know and visit our fantastic library at the Senior school

Study visit at KomTek and the town museum in Eskilstuna to learn about technology and Eskilstuna´s history as an industrial city.

We had a visit from the author Monica Zak, and the grade 7´s have participated in an event to increase their awareness of questions regarding their own safety and that of others. The event was hosted by the municipal, the Fire department, the police and other supporters. We are also paying attention to the fight against breast cancer, and celebrating UN day to raise awareness of the invisible people around the world who live in bad conditions.

Our school will also celebrate Halloween and, as every year, there will probably be some surprises involved.

Thursday week 45, the 6th of November, we have Open house for the grades 6 to 9. The invitation will soon be published.

Our student committees have chosen their president and have also chosen committees that will be dedicated to different parts of the school environment.

Week 45 the free school gymnasiums will have an exhibition in our Gym hall.

The list could go on.

We currently work with value questions, something that will always permeate our education.

In November and December we can look forward to the culture week at Primary and Junior school, Open House, Talent show, the Christmas bazar, Lucia, Student choice and much more. But before then we will have a well deserved autumn break for our teachers and students where they can relax and rest after an eventful start of the year.


Mrs. Segerstedt,



From the Principal

Welcome back!

We can now look back upon a fantastic summer holiday with sunshine, warmth and all that a true summer should have.

Students and staff are back in place and we all been energized through the fantastic summer. A warm welcome back to students, staff, parents and an especially warm welcome to all new students, to all new parents and to all new staff.

Our teachers are well-prepared to grant our students knowledge, inspiration and the tools they need to become ‘global winners’.

IES belongs to one of Sweden’s most experienced free-school groups, having achieved fantastic merits and we are extremely proud of our school in Eskilstuna.

We have been successful in recruiting engaged and well-trained teachers. We have also been given approval by the head office to appoint first teachers. We are allowed one first teacher per 110 students. Since we are Sweden’s biggest school, it adds up to twelve highly competent first teachers.

They will each be working with a development area to further develop the quality of the school.

The first teachers are:
Ms. Truedsson, development area Mathematics years 4-6
Ms. Önnebro. development area Science years 4-6
Mrs Zentio, development area Language Learning years 1-3
Mrs Enavall, development area Mathematics years 1-3
Mrs Bäckström, development area Sustainable Development, Green Flag
Mr Forsberg, development area Students with Special Needs, years 1-5
Mrs Pousette, development area Swedish as a Second Language years 1-9
Mrs M. Holmgren, development area Modern Languages
Mr Bäckryd, development area Mentorship
Mr Groth, development area Assessment
Mrs Järleskog, development area Cooperation between Recreation and School
Ms Hansson, development area Reading Development years 7-9

We are also very glad to have an Academic Coordinator at Primary/Junior School, Mr. Stradnick.
Mr. Stradnick will also be assisting in the support and development of our teachers as he has both training and wide experience in the field.

It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I look forward to the coming school year.

Mrs. Segerstedt

From the Principal

A well-deserved summer vacation has now begun for our students

It is fantastic to look back on this past, eventful year. A year that ended with two end-of-year ceremonies; One for Primary and Junior School, and one for Senior School. On the 4th of June, the students presented musical performances of the highest quality.

Also our Primary School students offered wonderful summer entertainment. Speeches and prize-giving were also enjoyed.

On the 5th of June we were able to view our Year 9 students proceeding into the hall wearing their blue caps and gowns. Time had come for the awaited graduation at which our students would have their diplomas handed to them by their principal.

A fully-seated sports hall were treated to a magical graduation ceremony in which the guest-speaker Julien Dauphin spoke inspirationally about the importance of never giving up. He even had time to enact a few tricks to the audience’s delight.

Then there was prize-giving to students who had achieved very high results and to students who had worked really hard to achieve their success.

Our musically talented students performed in a show of the absolute highest quality.

With that I would like to wish you all a fair and relaxing summer.

Mrs. Segerstedt



From the Principal

Best school in Sweden

In February we were contacted by Expressen which is one of the largest newspapers in Sweden.

Expressen interviewed both the Principal and students. This in conjunction with Internationella Engelska Skolan in Eskilstuna for the second time having placed itself as the best school in Sweden, in comparing merits earned compared with expected outcomes. The article is available in Expressen Monday 10th of March.

Kind regards with hopes of the spring coming soon with it´s warm winds.

Mrs. Segerstedt


From the Principal

A great start to the year

We are nearing the halfway point of the Spring-term and plenty has happened since the Christmas holidays.

At the end of January, the International English School in Eskilstuna was visited by three inspectors from the School Inspection. They carries out a thorough inspection of the school and the result was fantastic!

‘The overall assessment from the School Inspection reveals that the school is characterized by several factors which, according to research and experience, bear the hallmarks of successful schools. For example, a clear focus on the development of knowledge and learning goals - which are set at a high level - permeates the school and are apparent for both students and staff; these are pursued at student-level, subject-level and at school-level.

´The School Inspection also concludes that the work surrounding values is good. The inspection reveals that the application of school rules is consistent and pervasive; that there is a common approach amongst staff in applying them. This contributes to a good learning environment. It is also apparent that values are primarily bolstered by having clear expectations of how both students and staff treat each other and thereby form a natural part of the day-to-day work.’

The report in its entirety can be found here.

Mrs. Segerstedt


From the Principal

Midway to summer

December is midway to the summer. Yes, the autumn term started in August. We gathered with a tan and our minds were filled with experiences from the summer. We were all ready to not only face a new term buth an entire new academic year. The school year began with a flying start.

Since then we have faced challanges which have given us even more experience. Students and staff has worked extremely hard. Work that has given fantastic results. Today everyone can breath out and have a couple of weeks off. A vacation much needed and that everyone deserves. A Christmas holiday. 

Thank you all staff and students for a fantastic autumn term. I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mrs. Segerstedt


From the Principal

Development talks and some time to relax

The development talks are finished. Parents, students, teachers and the management team now have a clear view of the students progress.

Students and teachers have a well deserved week to relax after all hard work with both academics and other events such as UN-Day and Halloween. Students at Junior school have in a project created their own country with all democratic rights. A truly interesting element in their education. Both Primary and Junior school have done charity work to raise awareness of breast cancer.

We look forward to the “Reading week” at Primary/Junior school. Also the theatre visits at Senior school followed by philosophical discussions afterwards for students in grade 7-9. Grade 8 will visit the Royal Dramatic Theatre and the Parliament house. We will also get to experience the annual Talentshow performed by our students during week 47.

We also want to welcome everyone to the Open house at both schools. There will be lectures, exhibitions, music café and workshops!

Open House
Senior school, Sturegatan 11, Saturday the 9th of November at 10.30 am.
Primary/Junior School, Svengrensgatan 9, Saturday the 19th of November at 5 pm.

Mrs. Segerstedt,