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Junk Hunt, IES Eskilstuna Primary/Junior School

During Weeks 19 and 20, teachers were asked to choose a lesson or break to pick up trash around the schoolyard or close neighbourhood with their mentor class. It was lovely to see everyone out with their classes helping to tidy up our neighbourhood. We also encouraged our students to reflect, and come up with creative tips for reducing litter (trash on the ground). Thank you so much for your participation!

We will now take part in a larger national contest by "Håll Sverige Rent" ("Keep Sweden Tidy") where the trash will be counted and also sorted.

Winter Sports Day, January 26th, 2018


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Winter Sports Day, a day the IES students and staff enjoyed the many activities organised by IES Eskilstuna. Enjoy this short video recap of some of those activities: basketball, ice hockey, football, dancing, floor ball, and many others but most importantly enjoy the happy faces, friendships, and joy all captured in this video.